We're done.

Finncon 2006 is now over, and we'd like to thank all of you for a truly excellent convention. Especially we'd like to thank our gophers and security personnel, without you we couldn't have pulled off this whole thing.

Here are our official estimates of individual visitor numbers, based on a total 20,500 counted entrances:

Friday 18.8.500
Saturday 19.8.5000
Sunday 20.8.

Please email us at info (at) finncon.org if you'd like to present any comments, criticisms or praise about the event, or if you'd like to help organise the next Finncon in Jyväskylä on 14.-15.7. 2007.

Mon, 21/08/2006 - 23:07

Con photos online!

Photos taken at Finncon are now online!

Sun, 20/08/2006 - 23:10

Tables at Finncon

This year's Finncon has attracted a rather substantive set of traders and other table hodlers. Here's a list of them for you to ponder and admire.

Mon, 07/08/2006 - 08:35

Finncon 2006 Proudly Presents: Stepan Chapman!

Master of American surrealist fantasy, the author of 1998 Philip K. Dick Award winning novel The Troika, Stepan Chapman is next in the long line of more and more exciting and interesting looking author guests. This highly regarded short story specialist from Arizona says that he is very excited about his forthcoming Finnish translation of the The Troika, which not only will be a corrected version of this masterpiece, but will also be illustrated by the author himself. This ought to generate interest in this definitive version of the book. Watch out for Chapman in various Finncon program items, especially those where we will concentrate on "invertebrates, mythology, surrealism, cartooning and Russian literature"!

Finncon wishes a warm welcome to Mr. Chapman!

Fri, 31/03/2006 - 23:52

Justina Robson is our third GoH

She is the author of Silver Screen, Mappa Mundi, Natural History, and her latest is Living Next Door... She has been compared to Iain M. Banks, M. John Harrison, Ken MacLeod and Michael Moorcock, as the new, exiting female voice in the field of intelligent and challenging adult space opera.

Thu, 02/02/2006 - 16:58

The theme for Finncon 2006 will be "borderlines"

The theme for Finncon 2006 is "Borderlines" - be that the fine line between speculative fiction and mainstream, East and West, Finland and the Rest of the World, sf and anime fandom, Truth and Lie etc

Mon, 21/11/2005 - 18:13

Risto Isomäki's new book on Finlandia shortlist

Our Finnish Guest of Honour, Risto Isomäki's latest novel, Sarasvatin hiekkaa (Sands of Sarasvati is an ecological thriller about near-future, when the melting of the permafrost causes major tsunami's to wreck havoc on the coasts of the Indian ocean) has been nominated on the shortlist of this year's Finlandia prize.

Mon, 21/11/2005 - 18:05

Our Finnish Guest of Honour is Risto Isomäki

Our Finnish Guest of Honour is Risto Isomäki, who is an author of four sf novels and a short story collection, which was also his first book. Risto Isomäki is a known citizen organization activist and a journalist who is very interested in environmental and development co-operation issues.

Mon, 21/11/2005 - 17:52

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